German Auto Works - Specializing in the Service and Repair of German Automobiles
Full Servicing of Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, AUDI, Volvo

Quality Service, Personal Care, Competitive Pricing

We are family-owned and operated, ASE-certified, factory trained technicians

2730 State Street unit B
Carlsbad, CA 92008


Call us for:

Oil Changes

We are better than drive-thru quick lubes.  Why?  In addition to everything the finest drive-thru does:

1 - We drive your vehicle.

2 - Visual inspections made under the hood and under your car.

3 - We see, hear, and feel things less specialized technicians miss.

4 - We usually find things before they fail.
Minor and Major Repairs

  • Computer diagnostics for all vehicle systems

  • Electrical diagnosis and repair

  • Brake system maintenance and repair

  • Engine and drive train repairs

  • Automatic and manual transmission repairs

  • Exhaust system repairs and upgrades

  • Suspension system repairs (including air suspensions)

  • Fuel injection service and repair

  • Air conditioning system repair

Scheduled Services

Scheduled Routine Maintenance is wise.  It protects your investment, reduces breakdowns and builds a history that increases resale value.

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